Life has found it's end, the journey to the land of Echnaton is starting now.


This piece of Psychedelic Rock is brought to you by Pharao band.


Hint: Seeking in a track is possible with the arrow keys.

end is the truth and never less!

Eli R. Bernitt

Karsten H. Evers

Felix B. Gertz

Marcel R. Gülzow



Simon N. Heydorn







Bass, Yamaha DX-7

electric Guitars

electric Guitars

Roland JP-8000, Yamaha DX-7,

Yamaha Keyboards,

Voices, Percussion


Voices, Percussion



Andreas Fuderer, pbf-Studio


Gudrun Thiesemann-Gertz and Pharao

Composed, arranged and performed by Pharao

Recorded and mixed at the pbf-Studio, Hamburg

on a 16 track Tascam tape recorder

between June and July, 2007


Felix Gertz, Hamburg, Germany - pharao ├Ąt felixgertz punkt de